High Results Cycle

As a business owner, you instinctively want to strive for perfection, but today’s guest is here to talk about the importance of balance and how that will lead to better results for your company.  Melissa Shanahan is the Founder of Velocity Work and the host of “The Law Firm Owner Podcast”. Melissa joins the host, Molly McGrath, to talk about how a better mindset can lead to high results cycle for your company.

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Quote of the Show:

“If you are thinking low-quality thoughts, you will feel low-quality feeling states, and you will take low-quality actions.”



    • In reality, it doesn’t matter if you are in a high results cycle or a low results cycle. The important thing is being balanced in all aspects of your business. 
    • You want to have a clear goal of what you are striving to achieve. This will help you figure out if you are reaching your goal and avoid spending time on areas that won’t help you reach that. 
    • There are three control points that you can have at any given moment; your thoughts or mindset, your perspective or attitude, and your actions. 
    • You can’t base results on focusing solely on action. These don’t work because you haven’t run them through the three control points and this will make the goal unrealistic to obtain.
    • If you are thinking low-quality thoughts, then you will feel in a low-quality state which leads to you taking low-quality actions. 
    • If you sit down and honestly write down all your opinions, thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes about what you hoping to achieve then there is a more realistic chance that you will achieve that than if you were just positive about it all the time. 
    • Confusion is the greatest gift because it means that you are on the verge of a breakthrough.


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