Five Ways to Make Business Miracles Happen

What miracle do you need to create in your business this week? The good news is that you’re already making miracles. There is evidence of this everywhere in your law firm and your team.

Tension, stakes, and consequences are often catalysts for miracles. If you’ve heard me say at once, you’ve heard me say it a million times, “Fear, chaos, tragedy, and a breakdown is a beautiful opportunity for action.”

Failure to plan is the catalyst for crisis. So the first thing I invite you to do is get out of “crisis mode.”

Listen to the episode for insight and strategies to help you incorporate these five steps into your practice so making miracles becomes fun.

Adopt the strategies in this episode into your daily practices, so they become regular habits. Then, when the time comes that you need a miracle, you will view it as a challenge, but without all of the anxiety that is usually attached.

Accountability is a beautiful miracle worker. Send an email to me at to get on my calendar. Be sure to include the miracles you want to create. Declare and share it. That tells me that you’re serious about this, and you’ve matched your desire with your wants and needs.

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The Five Steps to Making Your Miracle Happen

  • Declare your miracle
  • Share it with someone on your team
  • Replace “I don’t know what to do.” with “What is my next right move?”
  • Step out of your routine
  • Hire a business coach

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