Episode 255: 4 Steps to Claim More Calm & Peace Without Putting Yourself Last

In this episode, our guest Shari Biery, National Board Health & Wellness Coach, Alive With Purpose Health & Life Coaching, LLC, introduces insightful strategies to claim more calm and peace without putting oneself last. She starts by identifying exhaustion triggers and recognizing the physical and emotional symptoms of chronic stress. Shari also emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries, advocating for one’s needs, and the significance of effective delegation both in personal and professional contexts.


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Quote of the Show:

“So say “no” is not a rejection, but a conscious choice to protect your time and energy.” – Shari Biery



  • Recognize exhaustion triggers: Know the physical and mental signs that indicate stress and burnout.
  • Establish and advocate for boundaries: Prioritize tasks and learn to delegate or release those that are not crucial.
  • Implement simple “yes” habits: Commit to short, rejuvenating breaks throughout your day to reset and reduce stress.
  • Nourish and prioritize self-care: Practice a mindset of fueling yourself first for better overall well-being and efficiency at work.


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