Episode 254: The Business of Law is Rapidly Changing

Molly is joined by Josh Sanford, Attorney & Managing Member, Sanford Law Firm. They delve into the evolving terrain of the legal business, towards the transformation in legal marketing and client relationships, emphasizing the significance of technology, social media, and specialist networking for the modern attorney. Josh shares his voracious appetite for attending legal conferences, not only as a speaker but also for personal growth and educational pursuits. With approximately 18 conferences on his schedule this year, he aims to meet market leaders and draw inspiration from their innovative practices.


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Quote of the Show:

“And the highest fiduciary obligation that I can discharge to my client is to connect them with the best lawyer.” – Josh Sanford



    • The business of law is undergoing a considerable transformation, with a shift towards heavy engagement on social media platforms and a focus on building real connections with potential clients.

    • Attorneys are encouraged to specialize in niche areas of law and share referrals through various online platforms, maximizing their ability to provide quality service without geographical limitations.

    • The value of organically grown audiences on social media for lawyers cannot be overstated; engagement extends beyond transactional attorney-client interactions.

    • Law firms can benefit from technology-enabled networks that facilitate case referrals across a wide geographic span, thereby optimizing both client service and business growth.

    • It is vital for firms to separate their businesses into origination and case management or litigation arms to avoid limiting their growth and potential revenue streams.


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