Educating Clients: Widowhood, Wisdom and Wealth

In this episode, Molly is joined by Donna Kendrick, a financial services expert with a special passion for assisting widows in managing their financial lives during and after the life-altering loss of a spouse. The discussion delves into Donna’s personal journey from widowhood to financial advisor, her published book for navigating the complexities of widowhood, and her unique eight-week course designed to support individuals through this challenging time.


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Quote of the Show:

“Sometimes you can learn more about the values of your client and where they want life to go by just listening.” – Donna Kendrick



    • Preparation and prior conversations about estate planning are crucial to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety during times of loss.
    • Donna’s book “A Guide to Widowhood” provides valuable insights and practical steps for those dealing with the immediate aftermath of losing a spouse.
    • Financial advisors and estate attorneys can work collaboratively to support clients, both pre-and post-transition, with clear communication and empathy.
    • Donna’s eight-week course and personal document locator checklist can empower individuals during times of great emotional and financial upheaval.

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