Episode 248: Dollars and Sense: Exploring the Vital Role of Billing Clerks in Law Firms

In this episode, Molly is joined by Randa Prendergast, Attorney Whisperer®️ and a pioneer in the realm of legal software and independent contractor staffing. Randa’s innovative approach to law firm efficiency provides listeners with a vivid exploration of optimizing legal practices through strategic staffing and process improvements. She shares her journey from being a full-time in-office paralegal to starting mrsjunlegal.com, a firm entrenched in legal tech setup and remote paralegal placement.


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Quote of the Show:

“We’re not going to talk about how to do a task. We’re just going to identify what task we’re on, what’s on the calendar, where the billing is.” – Randa Prendergast



    • Emphasize the efficiency of remote work and intentional weekly meetings to improve law firm processes.
    • The importance of a billing process in law firms and how a remote billing clerk can alleviate emotional stress associated with client invoicing.
    • An insight into Randa’s business model, which places a premium on remote 1099 paralegal staffing and process and billing systems.
    • Regular billing is vital for consistent cash flow and serves as a touchpoint for client communication.


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