How To Guarantee Qualified Consults And Close More Deals

In this episode, Molly dives deep into the frustrations that professionals in the legal field experience when dealing with unqualified consultations and the inefficiencies that arise from them. She advocates for the strategic use of educational workshops and webinars to pre-qualify clients, ensuring that by the time a consultation occurs, the potential client is a “hell yes” and already resonates with the firm’s approach.


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Quote of the Show:

“By the time you meet with somebody, they are already a hell YES!” – Molly McGrath



    • Pre-qualifying consultations can save time and ensure legal professionals meet with only ideal clients.
    • Educational workshops and webinars can effectively prepare and filter potential clients before in-person consultations.
    • The ‘workshop model’ is adaptable across various legal disciplines and has been proven to increase engagement and sales conversions.
    • The Estate Planning and Elder Law Marketing Summit in Denver promises to provide estate planning and elder law attorneys with a comprehensive system for managing initial consultations and workshops.


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