Episode 245: The Roles of Self-Awareness in Effective Leadership

In this episode, Molly sits down with Janine Zappini to uncover the keys to creating work-life alignment. From discussing the roles of self-awareness in effective leadership to incorporating practical tools for time management, this conversation outlines steps to optimize daily schedules and prioritize effectively, advocating for planning that includes both personal aspirations and family values. The episode unpacks the transformative power of self-awareness, the art of goal setting, and the establishment of strategic daily routines–all aimed at achieving efficiency without burnout.


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Quote of the Show:

“Prioritize first what is important and urgent… delegate what’s not important but very urgent.” – Janine Zappini



    • Self-awareness is key to harmonizing roles as a leader both at work and within the family dynamic.
    • Effective goal setting is crucial for aligning professional ambitions with family needs and avoiding overwhelm.
    • Strategic time management, including color-coded scheduling, is essential for maintaining clarity and focus daily.
    • Personal values and biases directly impact interactions in professional and family life, and understanding them is fundamental for genuine communication.
    • Confidence and motivation are byproducts of clearly defining and actively pursuing personal and professional goals.


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