Are Your PNCs Not Responding?

In this episode, Molly discusses the challenges law firms face when prospects are unresponsive and shares strategies to improve follow-up and conversion rates. She emphasizes the importance of clear communication and understanding the different stages of the client’s journey. Molly also highlights the need for a well-defined intake process and offers insights on how to manage prospects’ expectations.


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Quote of the Show:


“It’s not a no, it means not now.” – Molly McGrath




    • Incorporate text messaging into your follow-up process to reach unresponsive prospects.
    • Communicate clearly that your firm will not be following up indefinitely, creating a sense of urgency for prospects to respond.
    • Implement a drip campaign to nurture prospects who are not ready to engage at the moment.
    • Use language that distinguishes between leads, prospects, and clients to avoid confusion and set clear expectations.
    • Guide prospects through the intake process, giving them what they want and managing their expectations.


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