When your New Employee says, I Know Everyone here is Stressed......

Molly discusses the importance of addressing stress and overwhelm in law firms. She shares a story about a new hire who constantly mentioned that everyone was stressed, which led her to uncover various breakdowns in the firm’s processes. Molly emphasizes the need to pay attention to the language used in the workplace and to give new employees the time and support they need to succeed.


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“Give people the time to really show up for what you hired them for.” – Molly McGrath




    • Pay attention to the language used in your firm, especially by new hires, as it can reveal underlying issues and breakdowns in processes.
    • Give new employees the time and support they need to succeed and contribute to the firm.
    • Addressing stress and overwhelm in the workplace is crucial for improving efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.
    • Create a culture of ease, flow, and consistency by ensuring that everyone is working within their unique abilities.


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