Unconscious Habits: How to Stop Getting in Your Own Way

In this episode, Molly McGrath discusses the three reasons why law firms struggle to attract and retain top talent. She emphasizes the importance of showing up attractively as a law firm. Molly also highlights the need for law firms to be willing to invest in top talent. Just as one would pay a premium for a luxury car, law firms must be prepared to offer competitive salaries and benefits to attract the best candidates.


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Quote of the Show:


“You are hiring human beings, not human doings.” – Molly McGrath




    • Potential employees will research a law firm’s online presence, including social media, website, and Google reviews, before deciding whether to pursue a job opportunity.

    • Investing in top talent requires offering competitive salaries and benefits.

    • Be cautious of advice from business coaches and consultants who may not understand the legal industry.


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