Legal Recruiting Trends: US Meets UK

In this episode, Molly interviews Robert Hanna, the co-founder of the Legally Speaking podcast and a Clio partner. They discuss the changing landscape of legal recruitment, particularly in the US and UK markets. Robert shares insights on the influx of US law firms into the London market and the impact it has on talent acquisition. He also highlights the importance of treating people as individuals and creating a positive work culture in law firms. The conversation touches on the role of technology in the legal industry and the need for law firms to embrace change in order to stay competitive.


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Quote of the Show:


“Treat your people as people.” – Robert Hanna




    • US law firms are aggressively entering the London market, offering higher salaries and faster career progression to attract top talent.
    • The Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) in the UK makes it easier for lawyers to become dual qualified and practice in both the US and the UK.
    • Law firms need to prioritize their people and create a positive work culture to attract and retain top talent.
    • The legal industry is experiencing significant technological advancements, and law firms need to embrace change to stay relevant and competitive.


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