Attorney Referral Fees

Molly is joined by Arya Firoozmand, Co-Founder & CEO of Overture Law, to discuss attorney referral fees. They challenge the old-school mentality around sharing fees and highlight the ethical guidelines that allow attorneys to share fees with each other. Arya explains how Overture Law streamlines the referral process, provides transparency in billing, and ensures a positive client experience.


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Quote of the Show:

“You can ethically share fees with other attorneys…” – Arya Firoozmand



    • Attorneys can ethically share fees with other attorneys by following client disclosure rules.

    • Overture Law provides a platform for attorneys to refer cases to each other and generate referral fees.

    • Client service and responsiveness are crucial in the legal profession.

    • Overture Law offers transparency and control, allowing attorneys to track referrals and receive direct deposits for referral fees.

    • Overture Law provides access to a collaborative and supportive legal community.


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