When to Pause Legal Marketing

Molly discusses the common problem of feeling overwhelmed and stressed out when a law firm’s marketing efforts start to generate too many leads. She emphasizes that pausing marketing is never the solution, but rather taking a strategic approach to managing the influx of leads. She also encourages attorneys to give their team members the time and resources to address these challenges and make data-driven decisions. The goal is consistent growth and impact, not simply getting caught up.


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Quote of the Show:

“The place that you pause is in your operations.” – Molly McGrath



    • Never pause marketing when it’s working; instead, focus on optimizing processes and operations.
    • Streamline processes and leverage technology to handle the increased workload.
    • Treat different types of leads differently based on their preferred communication methods.
    • Regularly track and measure marketing efforts to make informed decisions.
    • Get deeply curious and ask powerful questions to identify areas for improvement.


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