How to Build an Attorney Referral & Co-Counsel Program

Molly McGrath interviews Cassidy Lewis, the Chief Marketing Officer of Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers, about building an attorney referral program. Cassidy shares her expertise in attorney referral marketing and explains the importance of treating attorney referral partners as clients. She discusses the four pillars of their attorney referral program, which include building relationships, making it easy to refer cases, positioning themselves as the go-to personal injury department for other practice areas, and emphasizing their track record and numbers. Cassidy also highlights the significance of systemization and communication in their attorney referral program, as well as the value of marketing to attorneys through targeted publications and events.


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Quote of the Show:

“Marketing is the Psychology of Business.” – Cassidy Lewis



    • Attorney referral marketing can be a cost-effective way to generate leads and obtain high-quality cases.
    • Treating attorney referral partners as clients and building relationships with them is crucial for a successful attorney referral program.
    • Systemization and communication are key components of an effective attorney referral program.
    • Marketing to attorneys through targeted publications and events can help establish credibility and generate referrals.
    • Tracking and analyzing data related to attorney referrals can provide valuable insights and help improve the program.
    • Create cadence of how you’re gonna build some relationships and let it flow for the remainder of the year.


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