Maximizing Profitability in Trust Funding, Probate and Trust Admin

In this episode, Molly talks to Tara Faquir, co-founder and COO of Trustate, about maximizing profitability and trust funding. Trustate is a software company that automates the tedious tasks of trust funding and administration, helping law firms streamline their processes and improve their efficiency. Tara explains how the software allows law firms to showcase their value and expertise, which can lead to more business and opportunities.


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Quote of the Show:

“Whoever Holds the Process WINS!” – Tara Faquir



    • Trustate can be used to retitle the bank and investment accounts into the trust.
    • Trustate has partnerships with global data providers, and their software automates the data gathering process for trust funding and administration.
    • Trustate offers life insurance and bank account discovery searches, ensuring all bases are covered for clients.
    • Trustate identifies suspected bank accounts, eliminating the need for clients to manually collect all the information themselves.
    • Trustate doesn’t replace the legal expertise and guidance of legal admins and attorneys but provides support for administrative tasks associated with estate planning.
    • Trustate helps attorneys take control of the estate planning and administration process, reducing the overall time required for completion.


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