How to Automate Client Intake & Data Flows in Your Law Practice

In this episode, Molly McGrath and Wouter IJgosse, the founder of, talk about how to simplify and automate the intake process, which is a consistent headache for law firms. The conversation delves into the benefits of DecisionVault for estate planning law firms, including time savings, reduced errors, and the ability to push variables into document automation tools. Molly and Wouter discuss how clients have responded positively to the platform’s ease of use and the automation possibilities it enables.


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Quote of the Show:

“Sending an intake form to clients is not self evident and that doesn’t work.” – Wouter IJgosse



    • DecisionVault was created by Julia, the wife of Wouter, who had an estate planning practice and needed a better way to manage client information.
    • It is a platform designed to help law firms automate the intake process, making it more efficient for team members.
    • It works alongside practice management and document automation tools, allowing clients to complete questionnaires over time through the portal.
    • It is beneficial for legal practices beyond estate planning, and the platform is expanding into other areas of law.
    • It can push variables into document automation tools like Gavel, Woodpecker, Formstack, Nakli, and HotDocs.
    • Decision Vault won second place at the American Bar Association Techshow.


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