[Episode #207] Define Your Own Success

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Molly McGrath shares her definition of success, and what success means for entrepreneurs in a virtual world. She emphasizes that success goes beyond revenue and should encompass a sense of fulfillment and the freedom to pursue one’s passions. She also encourages entrepreneurs to take a step back and evaluate their situation if they feel overwhelmed and exhausted. She suggests that if joy and ease are lacking in one’s business, it may be time to redefine success and consider a fresh start. It is crucial to differentiate between money and growth activities and not focus solely on monetary goals. Molly emphasizes the need for individuals and teams to enjoy their work and feel fulfilled in their definition of success.


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Quote of the Show:

“Success is not only about revenue.” – Molly McGrath



    • Align the definition of success with one’s purpose or “why.”

    • Coaching and support can help reduce stress and encourage delegation of tasks.

    • Prioritize joy, creativity, and white space alongside revenue and size.

    • At least 60% of the attorney’s time should be spent on activities such as attending creative and entrepreneurial events, and implementing the ideas that come from them.

    • Consider hiring a fractional COO to manage the business and alleviate stress.

    • Success for entrepreneurs should include a sense of fulfillment and the freedom to pursue what they love.


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