Unpacking the 3 Levels of Anxiety in the Law Firms

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In this episode, we delve into the complex and often misunderstood world of anxiety. Today’s guest, Noelle McWard, is a renowned expert in the field and the owner of Counseling Solutions. She joins us today to discuss the three main causes of anxiety and how to gain better control of this pervasive emotion. With her upcoming book, Unpack Anxiety Impact, Noelle emphasizes the importance of recognizing the causes and solutions of anxiety to manage it effectively. She also discusses the increasing prevalence of anxiety among young people and the unique challenges faced by attorneys. Join us as we explore the ways that people create anxiety in their lives, and how to address them.


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Quote of the Show:

“There’s three main causes of anxiety that each have a unique solution.” – Noelle McWard



    • Anxiety has become a major mental health issue, especially among young people, and was recently discussed at a professional conference.
    • Understanding the three main causes of anxiety can help people gain better control over it.
    • Anxiety is an emotion that is wired into our brain and nervous system to keep us alive and triggers us into fight, flight, or freeze mode.
    • Unfortunately, our system is not able to differentiate between real and perceived danger, leading to anxiety even when there is no real danger.
    • Lawyers have a natural tendency towards control, which can contribute to anxiety in their professional lives.
    • Instead of simply telling people to do yoga or take walks to relieve anxiety, it’s important to understand where the anxiety is coming from and how to deal with it effectively.


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