High Seas Raise All Boats

Today’s guest knew he wanted to be a lawyer from a young age, even though at the time he wasn’t sure what that meant. Jordan Ostroff is the President of LegalEase Marketing. Jordan went through so many bad marketing experiences that he decided to help other lawyers who are struggling and need help marketing. Jordan joins the host Molly McGrath to talk about how lawyers can effectively market themselves.

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Quote of the Show:

“Running a well-run business should be fun.” – Jordan Ostroff



    • As a lawyer, it’s easy to skip figuring out who your ideal client is but it’s an absolutely necessary step to have before you start marketing. You need clients that will refer you to other people rather than just pay a small bill.
    • Once you have an ideal client picked out, then you can begin marketing and need to focus on what you can and can’t afford.
    • You should focus on marketing tactics that work better at reaching your ideal client. You don’t need to rent out a billboard if your clients don’t see that. You want to meet your clients where they are.
    • It’s important to know the psychographics of your ideal clients. If you understand how their mind works, you can figure out the best way to target them online.
    • Running a well-run business should be something that is fun for you, and part of the fun is marketing. If you don’t enjoy marketing, then you become a bottleneck for it.


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