Evolving With The Times

Learning how to master Google to bring in more leads for your law firm can be tricky. But today’s guest is here to peel back the curtain and reveals the secrets to making Google searches work for you. Ronnie Deaver is the Founder of NoBull Marketing and the host of the “Evolving With The Times” podcast. He is passionate about finding the smallest leavers to make the biggest impact. Ronnie joins the host Molly McGrath to talk about the best way to make your business more available on Google my business.

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Quote of the Show:

“Why are we wasting time on Facebook ads? Why am I on TikTok? Why am I on Instagram? Why am I doing all this other work when literally 60 to 80% of the call volume comes from Google?”



    • If you are looking for a way to increase your leads and drive more traffic to your company website, consider using google my business. Roughly 70% of law firm leads come from this resource. 
    • When it comes to ad placement for social media, you should take a look at where most people are able to find your information. If you are getting 60 – 80% of your call volume from Google then you shouldn’t waste time advertising on TikTok or Facebook.
    • Google as a concept can be divided into three different buckets; Google Ads, Google My Business, and then SEO is the last bucket you could put Google into.  
    • Whoever shows up first for a grouping on a google search will get 60% of the calls from the people searching for that particular lawyer or category. 
    • Getting reviews for your business is incredibly important. If someone in your market has 800 reviews and you only have 30, automatically you are competing less than them.
    • Another thing to consider is called “review velocity”. This is all about the rate that your reviews come in, and Google would rather see 10 reviews over 10 weeks instead of 10 reviews in a day and then nothing again for 10 weeks. Google wants to see consistency.
    • Google ads is designed to spend your money, not make you money. If you want to try and make money off of google ads, then you should hire a professional.


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