The Attorney Abuse Must Stop

Today’s guest is focused on providing groundbreaking, value-driven solutions to continue growing the practice of law. She is driven by her beliefs in technological innovation and working with Lawfecta has put me at the forefront of issues affecting Legal Professionals in the technology realm. Stacey Lake is the Founder and CEO of LawWurk. Stacey joins the host Molly McGrath to talk about how you can better treat your attorneys.


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Quote of the Show:

“Your words impact people and your work!”



  • Sometimes people forget that attorneys are also human beings and they need to be treated with respect.
  • When working with a team, you want to give your employees the option to have anonymous feedback to see how you can improve. Self-reflection is an important part of being a boss.
  • The energy that you bring into the room with it will affect how the conversation is going to end up.
  • You have to give your team the respect of time, effort, attention, collaboration, and communication. That will show them that you value them as a member of the team.
  • As a leader, it’s important to keep yourself knowledgeable in leadership and look for thought leaders within your team.
  • If you have a high turnover rate at your company, your customers and others will notice that as well and take note of how you treat people.
  • The energy at a law firm starts with the owner. The attitude of the owner has a trickle-down effect and it can reach all the employees, so have a positive attitude.


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