The Secret of Today’s Leaders

Today’s guest is an expert in the field of leadership. She is the host of the podcast Mind Your Leadership and the Author of Mindfully Wise Leadership. Dr. Keren Tsuk is the CEO & Founder of Wisdom to Lead. Dr. Keren joins host Molly McGrath to talk about insightful leadership tools and how to better ourselves as leaders.


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Quote of the Show:

“You can hold tensions and create a culture that enables a flow experience at the same time.”



  • As a leader, it’s ok to pause for a minute. Even if it is doing yoga for 3 minutes between meetings it helps to clear your mind.
  • It’s ok to be vulnerable. Sometimes the answer isn’t always clear but showing that you are human too can help motivate your team.
  • Go through the company and find time to speak with your employees and greet them. It will help to create a positive atmosphere at your workplace.
  • At the end of the day, we have to manage ourselves better. It’s important to increase your self-awareness and avoid being upset by certain things.
  • It’s important to be present in your company. You need to show up and make it known that you care about your company and culture and then others will too.


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