Success Blocks Holding Entrepreneurs Back

Today’s guest has spent 17 years as a therapist and over 16 years of practicing in E-F-T. She releases subconscious blocks holding entrepreneurs and business leaders back from leveling up their business. Nancy Linnerooth is the Owner and EFT/Tapping Expert at Unblock Results. Nancy joins host Molly McGrath to talk about how to unblock your subconscious blocks.


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Quote of the Show:

8:27 “I’ve broken it into this framework of MVP. So M is for mindsets, V is visibility, and then P is profitability.”



  • There are three main frameworks for entrepreneurs: MVP – Mindsets, Visibility, and Profitability.
  • So many people have subconscious blocks that prevent them from asking about getting more money or getting more clients.
  • Once you uncover your blocks, if you tap on your acupressure points then it will take it away from your subconscious.
  • Anything that is happening in your personal life or business life can affect how your company is doing.
  • It only takes a few minutes to take the time to practice tapping and using that to lower your stress level.
  • People feel like they can’t hire until they are making more money, but if you hire someone before then that opens you up to make more money in the future.
  • People tend to internalize how hard you have to work, especially by feeling like they have to stay later hours and be more stressed.


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