Why Employers are Frustrated with Employees

In today’s day and age, it is difficult to see that the employee and employer are on the same page. But it is important for everyone to work together no matter what level they are on. Molly McGrath, the Founder of Hiring and Empowering Solutions, sits down to talk about why there is frustration between employees and employers and how to fix the issues.


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Quote of the Show:

8:11 “Being in a community with people ahead of us in knowledge, skill and performance will exponentially improve the game.”



  • The employer and employee both want the same thing, but it may not seem so when they work across from each other.
  • Employees might come across as though they aren’t engaged, but if you give them the resources they need they will step up to the plate.
  • As an employee, don’t be afraid to go up to your employer and ask for clarification and to communicate that you are on the same page.
  • Your term isn’t broken or they don’t care, they just need to feel that they are a part of a community.
  • You can’t expect employees to show up and be engaged when they aren’t given the same goals and resources for success.
  • If you want more from your team, give your team the access they need to be successful.
  • Join a community and build relationships with people who have achieved or exceeded what you are doing.


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