Becoming a Subject Matter Expert

Cali Franks is the Programs Attorney at Lawline. She is also a published author of the book. She is a legal problem solver and well versed in counseling clients and making legal jargon easier to understand. Cali joins host Molly McGrath to talk about Lawline’s unique business model.


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12:44 “It’s particularly exciting when you see other attorneys that are in your firm, staring back at you with the other screen, to tell you kind of what you need to learn, while also getting great exposure from the 160,000 plus other views subscribers that we have. I think it’s a really great, happy medium to find that.”



  • You want to empower your attorneys and lawyers and other members of your legal team. That will help you to retain employees.
  • Lawline can provide education for attorneys and it can bring new insight to lawyers and provide more context to an issue.
  • In this tight market, most people will need to be trained and you can’t expect people to show and be experts in what you want right off the bat.
  • Having a debriefing session can allow people to really sit down and figure out what more information they might need to know to be an expert.
  • Lawline finds the balance between learning from others at your firm and also giving advice to people while hearing their real-world cases and how they can be practically solved.
  • You want to be able to link to a video that shows you explaining a subject as that shows that you do understand and anyone can access the link.
  • SEO keywords are a big way to get new clients as a lot of people will go onto google and look at the first few links, so if you do it properly your content should be first.


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