The Paralegal Bootcamp: The Stress of How to Train…is Finally Over!

Ann Pearson is the Founder and Director of Training And Development at The Paralegal Boot Camp. She’s a rockstar Paralegal and she enjoys training incoming Paralegals and getting them ready for the real world out of law school. She sits down with host Molly McGrath to talk about how to properly train your employees.

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Quote of the Show:

5:05 “Training is not someone standing at the front of a room, reading PowerPoint slides. And it’s not filling up a file cabinet with CLE certificates. Training is supposed to be something that changes a behavior or adds a skill. And I think we forget that, when we say, well, we don’t want to train the new paralegal, it’s changing a behavior, adding a skill.”



  • Training is supposed to be something that changes behavior and adds a new skill. It’s not something that comes from reading off of a PowerPoint to someone.
  • There are three keys when it comes to training someone and those are mind set, behaviors and skills.
  • It’s easier to add skills to an employee than it is to train them to be motivated or ambitious. You need to make sure that employees are flexible and adaptable as well.
  • To develop a really good interactive training program, one hour of that takes about 30 hours to make.
  • The unemployment rate is under 2% in the paralegal space. People want to only hire experienced employees so they don’t have to train them but then no one trains the junior paralegals and they can’t get a job.
  • The three key factors to increase paralegal profitability are paralegal utilization, realization and productivity.
  • Attorneys, Managers and Administrators need to think outside the box when it comes to hiring an employee.


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