Fix My Employees (er)!

“How to fix my employees,” or some version of that, is the number search term we came across when setting up our SEO. It’s also number one when we look at our SEO analytics. However, it’s not your employees that need fixing. Instead, your internal systems, or lack of systems, are often the root cause of the frustration for both employees and employers.

Many law firms are on a massive growth path right now, which leads to employees and their attorneys feeling like they are running around with their hair on fire. The team is solid. There’s money in the bank and appointments on the calendar, but everyone is just waiting for the other shoe to drop because everything feels chaotic.

Things are falling through the cracks.

Sometimes an employee is underperforming, causing drama, or delegating backup
is due to the lack of a plan or clarity about what they should be doing.

When it comes to “fixing” your employees, the number one step is to commit to having a non-negotiable one-hour weekly stakeholders meeting. Your business depends on it.

I was reminded this week to get back to basics myself. I missed steps in my own onboarding process. In this episode, I share how we could have triaged it earlier and the steps I’m taking to correct it.

Now is the time to go back to your team or your attorney and ask for a timeout. Pause and reset.

Let us know if you need help with any of this.


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What You Will Learn in This Episode

  • Step one to fixing your communication problems
  • Why employees need to be on a quarterly growth plan
  • Another way to look at ROI
  • Where to find the answers to your problems
  • Why you must take time for a pause

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