The Five Marketing Strategies for 2022

Are you missing out on new clients because you’re stuck in an old way of thinking about your marketing?

Mark Homer, CEO of GNGF (Get Noticed Get Found), is here to share his top five marketing strategies for 2022 and beyond. Mark’s full-service marketing agency strives to put the law firm back in law firm marketing.

Mark believes that most law firm business owners are almost accidental entrepreneurs. They started their firm to practice law and then realized at some point along the way they were running a business, which requires finance, operations, HR, and marketing.

Even if you’re not spending a dime on marketing, you should track and measure where your leads originate. Are they coming from Google? Are they coming from referral partners?

Do you have a clearly defined intake process? Measuring and tracking leads falls apart when you don’t have a clearly defined intake process. Creating and defining your intake process is a better use of your time and resources in the short term than throwing more money at marketing and leads.

We spend a good deal of time talking about the impact of Google on your law firm marketing. Mark shares tips for getting the most out of your Google Business Profile and why you should be treating Google like a valued referral partner.

Learn what steps, tools, and processes you should have in place before you spend your first dollar on marketing.


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What You Will Learn in This Episode

  • How intake fits into your marketing strategy
  • Simple practices to dominate your firm name online
  • How to get the most out of your digital marketing
  • How to make Google your best referral partner
  • What you need to know about your Google Business Profile

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