From Panic to Profit: How 6 Key Numbers Can Make a 6-Figure Difference in Your Business

How do you go from panic to profit in your business? Brooke Lively, Founder and President of Cathedral Capital, is here to share the six key numbers that can make a six-figure difference in your law firm.

Brooke Lively fired her biggest client in 2015. This client was responsible for 94.3% of her business. After that, she lost money for 26 months in a row. Losing money every month led to many sleepless nights, worrying if her company would make it.

Lack of information is the root of anxiety. Brooke realized that to save her company, she would have to start acting as if it were her client. This realization meant that she would have to start making data-driven decisions based on the good, the bad, and the ugly information she had.

In this episode, you will learn to start making more informed data-driven decisions to get your business back on track.


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What You Will Learn in This Episode

  • The 6 key numbers you need to know to run a profitable business
  • What you REALLY need to know about your cash flow
  • Why owner compensation is a key number
  • How to shift from being reactive to being proactive
  • Which numbers will help you get back on track
  • How to apply the rule of thirds to your business

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