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A vicious cycle is created when you say, “I couldn’t get to it.”

Learn how a little bit of over-communication and information can get rid of drama and completely transform your day in the office.


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What is really happening when you can’t get to something? How can you respond in a way that will instill faith in your ability to manage projects and priorities?

It starts with information and over-communication. Lack of information and communication creates drama, trauma, angry clients, and frustration for bosses and employees.

When deadlines are missed, your response should come from a place of deep curiosity, awareness, ownership, and that you are on a fact-finding mission to find the root cause and a solution to the problem. Business owners want to see information and proposed solutions.

You have a choice in how you communicate and ask for help. It starts with taking ownership.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to respond in a way that instills confidence in you

  • Why do you need to track where you’re spending time

  • How to approach decisions and priorities

  • When to ask for help

  • How to ask for help

Please keep sending me emails about the things that you’re up against in your law firm. If you’re struggling to identify where breakdowns are happening, get on my calendar. Let’s have a 30-minute call to dissect this and help you come up with a solution.

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