High Performance Productivity Sprints

In the fast-paced realm of today’s business landscape, achieving peak productivity is essential for both personal growth, professional growth, and organizational success. With only 19 weeks remaining in 2023, what is your firm doing to create a yearend sprint to reach your goal? Yes, it is possible with goal setting, project management, accountability, and employee empowerment.

Not sure where to start? No sweat, we got you. We have launched a three-part training series that provides the system and training for how employee-led High Performance Productivity Sprints are a tried, tested, and proven reality. This three-part series provides the strategies and insights to empower your team to excel. Let’s embark on this journey of efficiency, growth, and transformation.

Session #1: Client Care Calls – client retention, upsell, and reputation management.

In an era where client-centricity is paramount, one strategy that bridges the gap between production, client (re)engagement, the voice of the customer for market research, and client satisfaction is our process for “Client Care Calls.” This proactive model for existing clients, past clients and PNC’s that never engaged plays a pivotal role in reaching your yearend goals and beyond.

Client Care Calls not only enhance client relationships but also foster a culture of collaboration and trust, fundamental to high performance productivity.

Session #2: The Clean Office Clutter Method – Cultivating Focus and Growth

Amidst the whirlwind of tasks and responsibilities, maintaining an organized workspace is paramount. Introducing the “Clean Office Clutter Method,” a strategy designed to preserve energy, enhance focus, and foster personal and professional growth. The Clean Office Clutter Method involves decluttering physical and digital workspaces, process and production refinement and uncovering hidden revenue and opportunities laying around your law firm to optimize productivity. Its benefits extend beyond a tidy desk. The Clean Office Clutter Method empowers your employees to reclaim and own the calendar, process and production, propelling productivity and profitability to new heights. The motto of The Law Firm Admin Bootcamp and Academy; “So go the calendar, so go cash flow.” Once the team gets it, they own it. And it will NEVER be an issue again. Not on their watch.

Session #3: The Power of Incentives – Clearing the Path for Growth

To embark on a journey of high performance productivity, there must be something in it for your team, The Employee’s WIFM. The Power of Incentives paves a pathway for declaring both the law firm’s overarching objectives and individual goals for each role. It underscores the ease, enjoyment, and empowerment derived from a team-centric approach, all the while surpassing weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual benchmarks, thereby ensuring the law firm’s profitability. As the law firm attains profits, the team becomes eligible for bonuses, constituting a remarkable and proactive employee retention strategy.

This 3-Part Employee-Led High Performance Productivity Sprints program will train your team with essential strategies to ensure people, process, productivity and profitability improvement. By engaging in Client Care Calls, implementing the Clean Office Clutter Method, and employing the Power of Incentives, law firm employees (VA’s 1099, etc.) will propel the law firm goals, individual employee performance goals and the client experience (walking ambassadors) toward peak productivity, raving client relationships, and continual profitable growth. Empower and delegate this 3-Step process to your team. Let them lead this process for you, leaving attorneys to operate in their unique genius zone, counseling (and closing) clients.

We are LIVE this August for this BONUS training. There are only 19 weeks remaining in the year….. do your employees have their path and plan for the yearend sprint? Enroll at The Law Firm Admin Bootcamp + Academy and join this 3-part series LIVE!

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