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Quality of life is quickly becoming the number one thing top legal talent looks for in a job, which means your employee benefits package has never mattered more. No longer are the best legal minds willing to trade away years of their lives for financial gain. If the Covid-19 pandemic has been good for one thing, it’s been teaching us all that life should not be taken for granted. In the legal recruiting world, this has led to an increased demand for balance, well-being, and work perks. Get on the cutting edge of this trend by ensuring your employee benefits package includes the following.

Key Benefits You Need to Provide if You Want to Remain Competitive

1. The Basics

It goes without saying, but every law firm must provide the five primary benefits required by federal law. These include:

  • Medicare and Social Security
  • Unemployment
  • Workers Compensation
  • Health Insurance
  • Family Medical Leave

2. The Baseline

Beyond those legally required, a bare minimum benefits package will offer paid time off, health and medical benefits, and a retirement and 401(k) plan. Naturally, there is no universal standard that determines how these benefits should be structured; however, keep in mind generosity begets generosity. When your team feels well taken care, they will in turn take care to ensure your firm’s success.

3. The Perks

Work perks are what allow small firms to compete with Big Law for the best talent on the market. While it may be impossible for you to match top legal salaries, you can more than match top employee benefits packages and, as explained above, this is crucial.

Legal recruiting data shows that the benefits most likely to land you your dream hire include:

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

EAP provides your team with the resources needed to navigate personal struggles. Mental health, counseling, career advice, addictions issues, and financial guidance are all covered (among other things). Opening these resources to your employees shows you are invested not only in their professional performance but in their well-being, too.

Fitness Reimbursement

Here, you offer to reimburse your team a set amount for gym memberships, personal trainer fees, athletic gear, classes, team fees, and so on. Like the above, this shows that you care about your employees’ health and are willing to put your money where your mouth is.

Flexible Scheduling

Employees have always appreciated the ability to flexibly schedule their time but in the pandemic era, this has become among the most sought-after work perks. While not all firms can offer remote or work-from-home options, every firm can provide wiggle room around when an employee puts in their hours. For some, this means the option to start early or late; for others, it means the possibility to pack a full week’s hours into four days to gain a 3-day weekend.

Commuter Benefits

If yours is a firm that cannot support remote work, you should make every effort to compete with those who can by reimbursing some or all of your team’s commuting costs.

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