small law firm vs. big law firm

Our guest today is Rebecca Kitson, an immigration attorney from Albuquerque, NM. Rebecca shares her courageous action of leaving a secure paycheck while 4 months pregnant and hanging her own shingle. Hear the strategies she anchored into to build her firm from a solo practice to a team of 4 attorneys, and how those attorneys became a powerful, difference-making team…especially in a small town.

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to grow a practice 100% on teaching, presenting, and community involvement
  • How to meet your team where they are
  • How to stop hoarding your time as an attorney and embrace the “Go-Giver Model”
  • How to create a hiring process that incorporates development vs. evaluation to grow your team
  • How to adopt the “Millionaire Mindset” and summon faith in the right places
  • How your WHY will always lead you back to the joy of practicing law through designing a service-driven practice that generates consistent leads and revenue
  • Clear, concise, and consistent fulfilling strategies for marketing that will distinguish you amongst your competition and the “big firms.”
  • How to inspire your team by getting involved and creating community outreach

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