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Nobody goes through life alone, and nobody gets out alive. There aren’t a lot of certainties in this world, but these two principles hold true for everyone. We’re not in this for long, but we’re in it together. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot, then, and try to go it alone—especially if you’re an entrepreneurial attorney trying to make big things happen! A consultant for lawyers is a key player in your journey, and you’d be remiss to overlook the many ways they can boost your potential.

4 Key Benefits of Working with a Consultant for Law Firms

Law firm management consultants are sprouting up like spring asparagus in this difficult legal market and, yes, some opportunists are simply throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Those who have been in the game for a while—like me—however, offer data-driven guidance with proven and predictable outcomes. A good consultant for lawyers—again, like me—will transform the following four aspects of your business.

1.     Your People

Every attorney dreams of building a team that cares as much about their firm as they do. I mean, imagine if everyone matched your desire for success and showed this with sustained and engaged enthusiasm. Dreamy, right? When you work with a talented consultant for lawyers, you can get there—but not without a curated and thoughtful intervention.

2.     Your Processes

You’re trained to practice law, not to run a law firm. The sooner you acknowledge this, the sooner you can return to investing your time in what you do best (and what makes your firm profitable). Step one in getting there is entrusting those who ARE trained in law firm process management to streamline your systems and implement effective, data-driven strategies that ensure they stay streamlined.

3.     Your Productivity

It’s easy to suppose that with a driven team and efficient systems, productivity will follow…but this isn’t always true. An additional ingredient is needed: direction. Just as a fast ship with a strong crew won’t get anywhere without a clear compass point, a strong firm won’t be productive if its efforts are misdirected. However, direction is an ever-moving target which is why expert insight is often needed to keep you on course.  

4.     Your Profits

Finally, a capable consultant for lawyers will work with you to ensure the above elements combine to generate profit. This doesn’t just mean money, however, but time, too.

Not only will you be richer for working with a talented consultant, you’ll also be freer—freer to vacation, freer to spend time with your family, freer to enjoy your life!

Want to learn more? Don’t hesitate to schedule an initial discovery session with me, Molly McGrath, the founder of Hiring & Empowering Solutions. Together, we can discuss your biggest challenges and brainstorm a plan to help you and your team overcome them—and beyond!

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