“Come to Jesus” Meetings Failing You? Discover a Better Way to Manage Law Firm Teams

Have you ever reached your breaking point with a colleague or employee, only to consider a dramatic confrontation the next day? We’ve all been there. But what if there’s a better approach?

The allure of a “come to Jesus” meeting is undeniable. It seems like a chance to finally address frustrations and demand change. However, these meetings often backfire. They rely on fear tactics and rarely address the root cause of the problem.

Let’s look at a common scenario: a frustrated boss ready to fire an employee with poor attendance. After digging deeper, the boss discovers the employee is overwhelmed by a heavy workload and additional commitments. A “come to Jesus” meeting might get temporary results, but it won’t equip the employee to manage their workload effectively.

This applies to both sides of the equation. If you’re an employee threatening an ultimatum, your boss likely won’t gain the skills needed for long-term solutions. Unsustainable changes fueled by fear will eventually crumble.

So, what’s the alternative?

In the above scenario, the employee needed help managing their workload. This is where true problem-solving comes in. Often, the urge for a “come to Jesus” meeting stems from a need for training and development, particularly in soft skills.

For Leaders: Empower, Don’t Do

It can be tempting to take over tasks for struggling employees. However, it’s crucial for them to develop these skills independently.

Building Enduring Solutions

At the Law Firm Admin Bootcamp + Academy, we focus on helping law firm leaders and their teams develop the skills needed for success. We don’t just provide temporary fixes; we equip individuals to support each other and the firm as a whole. We offer a comprehensive program designed to empower your team members and deliver measurable results within 12 weeks!

The Next Step

Before resorting to another unproductive “come to Jesus” meeting, reach out to us! Schedule a free discovery session and let’s discuss how to overcome your challenges and create lasting change within your firm.

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