J.D. Houvener, founder of of Bold IP, shares insight into how adding specialized Of Counsel attorneys can transform your law practice.

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He founded Bold IP with the mission to enable innovators to improve our world. It has grown to over 40 offices with world-class patent attorneys nationwide, ready to enable visionaries with top-quality patents, trade secrets, and more.

Adopting an Entrepreneurial Mindset

J.D. saw a need, and that gave him a very clear vision for the business he wanted to build

  • Get out of the old way of thinking of your law firm that is a profession, rather than a business
  • Be open to offering new areas of practice to better serve your clients
  • Utilize technology to minimize overhead
  • Referrals are the best marketing because they are highly qualified and have the best conversion rates
  • Be curious and ask clients what projects they are working on as a way to spot opportunities for expanded legal services

Benefits of Adding Specialized Of Counsel to Your Law Practice

  • Do more business
  • Make more money
  • Serve more people and make more of an impact
  • You can have fun with it
  • Fee split
  • No overhead attached to it
  • Value add for the client
  • Gives you a multidisciplinary practice where you are seen as the expert

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