A crucial part of developing a strong team for your office is to have your employees motivated and focused on your success. You want team members who are looking for ways to make you better each and every day.  With this mindset in place, a good employee for you means a person who is not only able to put together a plan, but also is able to put that plan into action!

Are You Empowering Your Employees to Take Chances?

Are You Empowering Your Employees to Take Chances?

That’s where the rubber hits the road, isn’t it? Because you, as the empowering boss, have to allow your employee to focus on his or her path for your success.  This means allowing your employee to take chances in his or her role within your business. And I know that can be a really scary thing.

When you want an employee who takes chances, it is your job to create an atmosphere of empowerment, and one of the ways you do this is by fostering positive leadership skills. Here are a few tips for empowering employees:

  1. Make sure your employees know that failure doesn’t mean they are going to get fired. If you want your employees to take chances they need to understand that failure is an opportunity to grow. This means that as a boss you should assign your employees with challenging tasks. When they come to you with questions, tell them to CREATE. See what they’re made of!
  2. Promote dialogue in the workplace. Your employees should not just come to you with yes or no questions; they should be able to ask you questions that will prompt them to take initiative themselves. Also, they should know that what they have to say matters to you – this will create an environment that your employees feel empowered to work in.
  3. Accountability is key to any professional relationship, but especially the relationship between the boss and employee. Part of empowering your employees means giving them deadlines and checking up on their progress. This will not only give them responsibility, but it will also motivate them to work harder.

Inspire, Communicate, and Innovate. These are the steps to empowering your employees to take chances. We know it’s a mindset shift for you and your employees and we are here for you. Make your team the most efficient, resourceful and profitable aspect of your business. Join us for The Team Empowerment Academy and create immediate CHANGE in your practice https://hiringandempowering.com/the-team-empowerment-program-registration/ .

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