How to Spot Low Accountability Behavior and Plug the Leaks

A lack of accountability creates chaos and crisis, which leads to frustration, mistrust within your organization, and poor results. Learn five signs to help you identify low accountability leaks and how to plug them up in this episode.

Accountability starts with culture. As a leader, it is also your job to empower your employees to hold you accountable to attend meetings and follow processes. Empower your team members with responsibility, authority, and permission to do their jobs.

Accountability is a two-way street. Leaks begin to disappear with transparency. High-accountability employees don’t hide, get defensive, make excuses, or justify. Instead, they want to share data and results because they aren’t scared of it. As the leader, when you anchor to the data, reports, and job descriptions, there’s no reason to be defensive.

As the leader, it is also your job to show up for scheduled meetings. If it doesn’t seem important to you, it won’t be critical to your team.


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What You Will Learn in This Episode

  • How to recognize the low accountability leaks within your team
  • How to revamp your culture to create more accountability
  • Where you can add accountability
  • How to empower your team to hold you accountable
  • How to use transparency to create accountability
  • How to eliminate defensive behavior

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