5 Steps to Build an Accountable, Focused, and Productive Team

An accountable, focused, and productive team is essential for any law firm. But building and maintaining such a team takes more than just hiring the right people. It also requires consistent coaching and empowerment.

Effective employee training is an ever-shifting target, but the best plans are strategic, cumulative, and thoughtful. They reflect the evolving needs of each team member and offer training that is relevant and engaging.

Here are five employee training goals to strive for:

  • Effective communication: Bosses and employees want the same thing: to be happy and successful at work. But too often, they don’t talk about what they need from each other. This can lead to misunderstandings, resentment, and even sabotage. Open lines of communication are the lifeline of all successful employee development plans. This doesn’t just mean asking the right questions but learning to listen and engage. In the LFABC + Academy we train employees to debrief every interaction with the most powerful question to their employer, “What are you not seeing that would like to see more of to increase your confidence we got this?”
  • Constructive problem-solving: As the manager or boss, your job is to train your team to know how to not only identify problems but always come to the table with a proposed solution. The former may be easier, but it’s the latter that really matters. When you have a self-governing, accountable team they will come to the Daily Huddles and Weekly Stakeholders Meetings highlighting not only where they are underperforming on their KPI’s but proposing what the next right move is create an immediate turnaround. When you have a deeply curious team, they are always invested in the what AND the how.
  • Effective law firm hiring (and firing): If you haven’t built a strong team, no amount of communication and problem-solving is going to get you results. That’s why talent acquisition (and its opposite) matters so much. Prioritizing cultural fit over on-paper skillsets in law firm hiring ensures a cohesive team —and this, again, boils down to good communication and listening.
  • All-star retention: Retaining top talent requires more than just competitive salaries and benefits. Today’s job seekers seek remote work options, flexible scheduling, and opportunities for growth and advancement. To keep the best employees, invest in their personal and professional growth and they will NEVER leave. Enroll your team into The Law Firm Admin Bootcamp + Academy today as a gift, not a fix. This is a surefire plan to having your team turn down offers from aggressive legal recruiters.
  • Consistent upskilling: Growth is a significant factor for employees. Upskilling opportunities are crucial for their professional development and job satisfaction.

Are you ready to usher in a new era of thriving teams and greater success? The Law Firm Admin Bootcamp + Academy awaits, offering the training, coaching, tools and insights your team needs to revolutionize your workplace dynamics. My expertise will educate and equip your team to bridge the gap between bosses and employees, leading to a harmonious and prosperous work environment.

Don’t let the lack of courageous conversations hold your team back from greatness! Embrace the power of transformation and growth today.

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