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It is a dizzying fact that despite the present state of affairs, hiring continues to be an employee’s market. After all, you’d expect that with near-daily headlines forecasting tough economic times ahead, the balance would be shifted in favor of those offering the jobs, not those searching. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Candidates on the market right now have such a glut of opportunities that they can pick and choose. The days of “you should be lucky to have a job” are over—and they’re never coming back.

This isn’t a bad thing. With growing opportunity comes a growing field of candidates and this means a talent-rich market. The trick, of course, is landing this talent and what’s more, keeping it. If you’re like most firms out there, chances are your acquisition strategy needs tweaking if you are to keep up with market leaders. Below is a list of four things you shouldn’t be doing.

4 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Firm’s Hiring Process

1. Mistaking the Position Description for a Filter

Too often, firms miss out on that star candidate because they’ve drafted the position description with the intention of filtering out applicants rather than drawing them in. A job posting is as much a marketing device as an announcement of an opening. With this in mind, articulating why the role you’re looking to fill is an exceptional opportunity is crucial.

2. Failing to Pull the Trigger

When given the chance to snag a stellar candidate, do it. An all too common mistake is to interview every qualified applicant hoping a purple unicorn will present and, in the process, miss out on the greatness within your grasp. In this competitive job market, top talent doesn’t wait around for long. Gaining a reputation for decisive action reflects well on your firm and at the top, word circulates quickly.

3. Ignoring the Importance of Process

If you were navigating an interview process and submitted to a last-minute change you’d see right through to the internal disorganization behind it. Great candidates will, too. Avoid this rookie mistake by developing a clear hiring process and following it to the letter. Nothing shows your firm has it together more clearly than optimized, efficient process management.

4. Have a Heartbeat

Efficient, process-driven management need not be lifeless. The very best of the talent pool are looking not only to land a great salary at a reputable firm, but to join a community. Human beings, after all, thrive on connection. Show that your firm offers more than a professional stepping stone by charging the process with energy. Candidates want to see who you are and feel that you care who they are, too. This means everything from showing off a vibrant office to setting a friendly tone in meetings and responding promptly and personably in correspondence.

Stellar talent isn’t searching for a job, it’s searching to grow. If your hiring process is doing what it should, candidates that interview at your firm come away seeing not just numbers but a brighter future. Ensure that this is the case by checking out our Smart Hire Solution™ program. Aimed specifically at law firms, this legal staffing solution not only brings talent through the door but ensures it sticks around. 

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