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You don’t become an attorney without a healthy dose of ambition, which is why so many in the profession suffer when they hit their mid-career slump. You studied, stressed, and ultimately survived law school. You passed the bar, waded into the sharky waters of the job market, built a career, and had the moxie to start your own firm. It wasn’t always fun, but it gave you purpose. Now you’re here, in calmer seas…

…and motivation is lacking.

It’s not that you don’t have tons to do—that’s never changed—it’s that your tasks lack the urgency that has always fueled your drive. Running a firm is plenty busy, but it’s a slow grind bereft of big progress markers, and full of setbacks.

But get this: it shouldn’t be that way. If your firm were the well-oiled machine it could be, you’d be rolling in consultations and starting a waitlist for prospective clients instead of stressing over what your admins are doing. Moreover, if things were running smoothly, you’d have time. You could finally pursue those big, exciting business goals you put on the shelf however long ago. You’d never have to miss another school play, baseball game, or piano recital. You’d rediscover that intrinsic motivation that drives growth and inspires your team. You might even remember why you started down this path in the first place.

How do you get there, though?

By following these three steps:

1.     Dream

Take time to meditate on what you’re really after. Do you dream of piloting a fast-paced, growing firm that supports you in being the best attorney possible? Of achieving a healthy and fulfilling balance between your professional and family life? Of building a driven and talented team that makes going to work a joy? Figure out what it is that truly motivates you, and write it down.

2.     Troubleshoot

With your dream clear in your mind, make a list of everything that stands in your way. Maybe it’s a weakness in your onboarding, or your team structure. Maybe it’s a lack of data related to key performance indicators (KPIs). Maybe it’s a chronic source of stress in your personal life. Whatever it may be, acknowledging what needs to change is the first step in making that change happen.

3.     Seek Support

Entrepreneurial attorneys can expect rough patches and dips in motivation. It comes with the territory of trying to do a job for which you’re not trained. Law school doesn’t teach you how to run a business, and yet when you start your own firm, that’s what you sign up to do.

Just as you’d consult an expert if faced with a legal case outside of your field, here too the solution is expert advice. An experienced law firm administration consultant can help you untangle the hiring and onboarding experience, and provide your team with the tools they need to rekindle their intrinsic motivation.

When you sign up for our Law Firm Admin Bootcamp you get all of this and much more in a condensed 12-week course. We cover topics like accountability and deadlines, ownership habits, client intake expertise, strategic quarterly planning, hiring and onboarding best practices, business life-cycle, and team productivity, among others.

By the end of bootcamp, you can expect measurable results related to all of these elements, as well as a deep understanding of how you can regain control of your time and your life, both personal and professional.

To join our wait list, visit our website or schedule a free qualifier call with me right now! This is the only nationally-recognized program dedicated to training your law firm admins to become effective leaders, capable of transforming your entire firm from the inside, out.

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