Without quality staff, you are limited in the amount of clients you can engage because there are only so many hours in a day for YOU to do the work yourself.

But, it’s not enough to just have “bodies” in positions, either. Having the wrong people on the team, or in the wrong job functions opens the door to strife, balls dropping, and that horrible feeling when you know someone is counting on you for a paycheck, but you are spending way too much time “babysitting” to carry on with the status quo.

If this roller-coaster of hiring, firing, training, and motivating your team members to keep the practice running without problems, overwhelm or drama is a constant stressor for you…

We’d like to help you turn things around as we head into 2018.

The Team Empowerment Academy, it’s a place where you can plug EVERY staff member into—from your senior people to the receptionists—to equip, empower and train them to serve your clients well and run the practice as if it were their very own business on the line.

  • We’ve designed this as a place to take the burden of management off of your shoulders.
  • Your team members will have a safe platform to turn to and mentors to lean on when they are experiencing overwhelm, confusion, fear or frustration.
  • In addition to WEEKLY trainings with us, team members (and the “boss”) will have the ability to schedule One Monthly SOS call for immediate, hands on guidance in working through sticky situations (the “let me shut my door” call).
  • For help tackling more routine and day-to-day issues; staff can go right to their membership site to access instructions, manuals, scripts and other training materials. Need a marketing plan? Time management training? Phone follow up scripts? Ads to place when hiring for new positions? A process for when its time to fire (GULP!), It’s all there, done for you, and at your fingertips.

The BONUS monthly one on one call is for the first TEN members that sign up, after that it will go away.

To view all of the details of the program and enroll your firm, hop over to www.teamempowermentacademy.com.

Of course if you have specific questions about the program and how I can help you and your team as we head into the new year, just hit email Molly at molly@hiringandempowering.com and we can schedule a time to jump on a quick phone call.



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