The professional world is competitive. We all know this fact when it comes to getting business in the door but do you realize this characterization applies to your internal office as well? It’s true. Specifically, when it comes to staffing your office, you have to shift your mindset to take on the recruiter role.

p42.H%26ES.August.Blog2What does it mean to shift from successful business owner to recruiter, you ask? Recruiters are less open minded about who fits the mold for the job. They are less likely to deviate from what is needed both on paper and during the interview process.  This is because recruiters aren’t overwhelmed with issues like your overhead, your billing, and your overwhelm – just to name a few.


  1.  The candidate should have formatted his or her resume in an organized fashion. If this resume looks chaotic or disorderly, it should end up in the trash. After all, the candidate should make the recruiter’s job as easy as possible.
  1. The applicant needs to be catering to you – the audience. If you chose to share your business type or name or location, your candidate’s attributes need to fit and modify for the job they are applying for. For example, if you were hiring for a graphic design position, the applicant should proactively include a portfolio alongside the resume. Being relevant is crucial, especially in today’s competitive age.
  1. Clear Objectives. A resume objective is a way to quickly assess what your candidate’s goal is and what he or she can bring to the table. Not everyone includes an objective, but when they do – your attention should be appropriately grabbed. Not sure where to find it? Take a quick look at the top of the page – it should be the first thing visible.
  1. Experience Matters. Think in these terms…just like a mother wants someone with experience to babysit her children, as a recruiter you want someone who has experience to take on the job you are offering. Whether a lot or a little, you want to know what your candidates have been doing before they met you. Avoiding hiring anyone who doesn’t put down any knowledge or accomplishments, unless there is a compelling reason why.

These are the must haves any recruiter is actively looking for right from the start.  Don’t accept scanty or incorrect work product because that’s just what this is – work product!  Hopefully by switching hats, you will get the right candidates in front of you to interview and maybe even find the right one for the job!

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