In customary fashion, we are posting our blog on “Gratefulness” again this year. Last year we received such an overwhelming response! For days around the Thanksgiving holiday we received responses from our readers sharing things they were grateful for and how they’ve impacted their lives.  We feel this blog deserves a re-read…year after year!

We are continually worrying about things we don’t have or things that haven’t happened yet for us.  Therefore, we hardly ever take time to make a note of the beautiful relationships, what we do have and amazing things that have already happened. We allow the smallest negative thought to instantly change our mood.  Well then, why not allow the positive grateful thought to impact us as well?

Busy times are the times during which we often lose sight of what is most important to us and allow minor details to steal our joy.  The “get your skates on and juggle” mindset is here for all of us this week as we approach Thanksgiving Day and then rush into Christmas before the turkey has settled.  What better time, than a hectic, chaotic time, to stop and acknowledge the things for which we are Grateful.    A simple, easy act can reduce your stress and center your focus on WHY you do what you do every day and what it’s all for.

How to Be Grateful in 10 Minutes
Here is what you need, time. Just a little bit of it – 5 to10 minutes – to tap into the five things that you are grateful for, that benefit you and without which your life would be less rich. Then note WHY you are Grateful for them. And that’s it, folks.  This simple act can recharge your batteries and increase your confidence.

Here are some things Molly is Grateful for this Thanksgiving:
§ My amazing family – my parents, 5 siblings, 8 nieces and nephews, my husband and our 2 beautiful children and our loving family dog, Fin
§  My parents – healthy and well to actively know and love my kids
§ Extraordinary friends  in my life for 25+ years that have stood by and supported my greatness even when I couldn’t see it
§ My Health – I am eternally grateful for the positive energy my daily yoga practice provides for my physical, mental and spiritual health. Getting my arse out of bed at 5 am and showing up on my mat allows me to declare how I am going to show up for myself and others each and every day. 
§ My partners – Laney Richardson and Dave Zumpano, the constant stands in my daily life that will never let me get away with being anything but significant in my life

Here are some things Laney is Grateful for this year:
§ God – for his constant, steady guidance and abundance of blessings
§ My husband, Anwar – for loving me selflessly and joyfully – and embarking on this amazing journey with me

  • My family – for giving me tradition and roots that grow deep and strong
  • Molly – for being my North Star – helping me navigate day to day life while still keeping my eyes on something bigger
  • § For Hope – on the darkest of days, hope brings me calmness, inspiration, strength and makes me feel amazingly connected to humanity

Together, we are forever grateful for our work that we have; work that brings not only money but authentic, personal and professional happiness. We are thankful we are able to provide valuable and purposeful work to clients that we not only enjoy but enhance our lives as well.

We encourage you to dedicate time weekly or even daily to the Act of Gratitude, particularly when you find yourself getting frustrated or turning to the dark side of negativity.  The simple act of Gratitude can cause the miraculous to happen in your day.

So, what are you grateful for today? Grab your journal (or make time today to stop by your favorite book store to buy one) and take a few minutes to acknowledge and write down the five things you are grateful for. We get it, you are busy.  We all are. But consider the possibility that taking the time to be still and connect with the things you are grateful for will offer you more energy, clarity and intentionality for the “stuff” you need to get done this holiday season and leave you exhilarated vs. exhausted.

This Thanksgiving, we will be remembering you with extraordinary gratitude for your constant support in its countless forms: sending encouragement, sharing our resources with your colleagues, trusting us with your teams, befriending us on Facebook and keeping us in your prayers…. We are simply amazed by your kindheartedness, again and again.

To quote Johannes “Meister” Eckhart “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.”

A very grateful Thanksgiving holiday for you and your family,

Molly and Laney

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