ID-100117957If I had a penny for every time I hear “I don’t know how to do X,” “I was never trained on Y,” or “They never showed me how to do Z,” I would be well on my way to that 3-month-long Ireland trip I have on my bucket list. 

Living in the world of all things hiring and training employees, any rendition of the above statements makes my head swell (explode, actually). It’s simply maddening. It may be very real for the employees making these disempowering statements that they didn’t get the proper instructions, training or whatever other resources they believe are lacking, but in our world that’s garbage.

It’s a hiring issue.

Then it morphs into a training issue. And then it meanders over to an entitlement issue and ultimately a blame game issue.

When you make the leap of faith to hire your first employee, it’s just about the scariest thing a solopreneur can do. You want a guarantee that this is an asset versus a liability. You want a guarantee that this person is going to make it more than 30 days. But hires don’t come with guarantees. More often than not, you don’t get the superstar you needed, so you turn to the mindset that “It’s hard to find good people.”

You don’t want good people. You want GREAT, SUPERSTAR, batteries-included people. And guess what?

There are a lot of really, really GREAT people out there waiting to work for you.

So how do you get the “I know EXACTLY how to do it” people?

  1. Write a compelling ad that attracts only the qualified resumes, weeds out the weak and gets you roughly 50 resumes instead of 150.
  2. Know what to look for in a resume that screams “I know EXACTLY how to do it” and eliminates the “I need a job and will be asking you for a raise before the end of the year” candidates.
  3. Conduct 5-minute phone interviews before you waste your time with face/face interviews. Your probing, cut-to-the-chase phone interviews will lead you to the “I know EXACTLY how to do it” people.
  4. Conduct empowering face/face interviews that create dialog to get to the fundamentals of their motivating factors, mindset, missions and values.

If you’re struggling with building an empowering team with an unwavering intolerance for “I don’t know how,” email to support you with your next hire.

by Molly Hall

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