In a prior post, I talked about how to power away from your business to get you and your team into a place of clarity and action. I wrote about the conference Molly and I attended and how we used the day after to create a plan, commit to it and put it into action before we left.   On the plane ride home I was on fire! By the time I was getting ready for bed, I was stressed about the client work I needed to complete the next day, personal commitments, etc. I calmed myself down and came up with this great mindset to “pay yourself first” ? not in dollars, but by handling first the things you committed to that not only feed your business but feed your soul. I even wrote a whole post in my head to share with you about it.

Then I woke up exhausted and sh*t was hitting the fan. I was running an hour behind where I needed to be, so I skipped to an urgent client item before handling the tasks to support our growth plan. And the stress increased. Suddenly, not only was I behind on client work for the day, but I was behind on my growth plan items, and that’s even worse. It’s not only stressful, it also sucks the life out of your soul because you aren’ tackling those things that feed it.

So I stopped and did a restart. I did a reality check – was everything going to fall apart if I paused for 45 minutes on my client work and knocked out my growth plan activities? No. Had I already probably wasted 45 minutes being distracted and thinking about (and beating myself up about) handling things the old way and letting client work kill our growth plan? Yes.

And of course I was starving, because who has time to eat when you are busy running in mental circles?

So, restart. I ordered lunch delivery. I handled my growth plan activities in 40 minutes. I reached out to a friend to help me with some personal tasks I had to handle in case I needed extra time to finish client work (cooking for a potluck lunch for Teacher Appreciation Day, because of course we all have time for that LOL), and then I got back to client work. The sky didn’t fall. I was still behind schedule, but I was focused. My soul felt at peace because I honored the growth plan I put in place that serves not only my business but my purpose, and I had a backup plan in place if I needed more work time that night.

So, going forward I WILL pay myself first by tackling those tasks that support my growth plan, and when I get it backwards, I know I can stop/restart. Can you join me in paying yourself first? All the best plans in the world will fail to move you forward if you can’t change your daily life so it supports your commitment to it.

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