We’ve been asked this exact question for decades now. It’s Finally here.

If you are ready to move at a heightened level, VIP Strategy Day (Includes all Travel expenses, The Team Empowerment Academy and Two calls 14 and 30 Days after VIP Day) is for you. It takes the average person 6 months to fully chart what we will accomplish in ONE deliberate day.

But here’s the deal…we ONLY have 8 spots remaining for 2017. ACT NOW to take advantage of the year-end special:

  • BONUS Half-Day in your office working side by side with your team on your Employee Performance & Continual Improvement Plan for each role in your business
  • Register by December 31, 2016 for a 1Day VIP Strategy DAY + BONUS Half-Day with your team for $3,200 (A $1,800 Discount!) for those that Pay in Full (year-end deduction!).
  • Register by January 6, 2017 for a 1Day VIP Strategy DAY + BONUS Half-Day with your team and we will offer a two pay plan for $3,500 (A $1,500 Discount!) for the cost-conscious entrepreneur.


  • In the Building phase of your business with little capital and resources at your immediate disposal and don’t know how or what to do
  • Evolving by default vs. design and seeking a written specific, measurable, attainable action plan…for every area of your business
  • Ready to Grow your Business without the snowballing overhead, time, budget & staff
  • Looking to take your business to a whole new level while making more money
  • Wanting to expand or change your business model
  • Seeking a structure for clear, unified Communication for creating a self-guided team
  • Stressed with how to handle Business Expansion & controlled Growth
  • CRAVING for your team to STEP UP AND LEAD but don’t know “How to”!
  • Needing a business ran with Leadership vs. Management mentality and mindset
  • Craving a process for onboarding your Team Training and Empowerment and keeping the learning and growing off the shelf
  • Wanting a process of cloning, duplicating & eventually Replacing yourself with an Exit Strategy
  • Making your Dream team come true…and making sure it doesn’t fall apart!
  • Ready to create a future of possibilities and opportunities—getting rid of the dead end.
  • Wanting a systemized Employee Performance & continual Improvements Plans
  • Looking to take your talent and expertise to a broader marketplace
  • Needing Action Plans for operations, sales, marketing and practice management

How would it feel to end the year knowing you have a path and plan on the horizon to make 2017 the best year yet??!!!

In your corner,

Molly & Laney

Email info@hiringandempowering.com to secure your spot!

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