Do you remember when you launched your own practice? I’m sure at least someone naively suggested that all you had to do was, “hire good folks to work under you and everything will be a success!

As you’ve discovered, hiring, firing and managing people isn’t so easy.

When we started working with new firms, a lot of lawyers shared with us their deepest team-related pain points including:

  • High turnoverin the office.
  • Struggling to hire the right people.It stinks to invest money to onboard and train new people, only to find out way too late that they were not the right fit or simply did not have the skillset for what you hired them to do.
  • Firing.We hate this one too. But it’s a MUST if you are going to build a rock star that supports you, and works diligently toward your goals to grow your income and the size of your practice.

Are you currently overwhelmed and frustrated dealing with similar issues? If so, you may want to check out The Team Empowerment Academy.

 To give you a taste of what to expect in the weekly masterclasses:

Here is an example of what to expect the first 12 weeks when you get started with The Team Empowerment Academy Wednesday LIVE Masterclass….

  • Week 1: Weekly Impactful Communication analysis what is working, not working and areas of improvement for Team Leaders.
  • Week 2: Leadership & Accountability: Creating buy in & “Stakeholders” mindset: The Team Empowerment Plan
  • Week 3: Unique Ability, Personal and Department Goals: 360 Reviews
  • Week 4: The Client Services Department & Accountability
  • Week 5: Focus Management: Firm & Individual
  • Week 6: Exploring & Declaring 60 Day Strategic Plan
  • Week 7: Employee Performance Reviews and Incentive Comp Plans
  • Week 8: Whose doing what (and when and where) to get the phone to ring
  • Week 9: Appreciation Events: Team, clients & Power Partners
  • Week 10: Passing the Baton: Replacing Yourself in operations/leadership
  • Week 11: The Path and Plan for your Future – Implementing Growth time
  • Week 12: Intraprenuers: Leaders leading Leaders

That’s one example of what to expect from the weekly masterclasses.

In addition….we have launched an entire backend members only site dedicated to teaching, training and empowering your team to run the practice and do their jobs with excellence, so that you can get back to focusing the things that REALLY need your attention. The membership materials include; access to phone scripts, training materials, work flows, charts, webinars, Q & A’s and recordings that should answer most of the questions that are currently being fielded by you.

And BONUS for the first 5 Firms that sign up……a monthly private customized call to counsel you on your “How To’s”

But most importantly, this program will teach your team how to be resourceful and take ownership of figuring out their own problems. When they DO eventually come to you, we want it to be with proposed SOLUTIONS for you to choose from, rather than a list of their issues.

Again, for the first 5 Firms that sign up, you will received a monthly private customized call to counsel you on your “How To’s” around generating leads, revenue and everything in between.

Click here to see everything that’s included in the program to help you and your team soar to new levels of efficiency and success in 2018.

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