Whether it’s your friend, co-worker, or client, finding a way to say thank you should go well past the Thanksgiving holidays.

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to say thank you, or maybe you don’t want to just simply say thank you. Although many of us know how powerful these three small words are, research shows today many people feel that thank you should be shown or demonstrated in actions instead. When it comes to saying thank you, what is your preference?

No matter what you decided, saying or showing thanks is a must.  Here are our three tips for showing you’re thankful in a unique way:

  1. Don’t doubt the power of written words – saying thank you in a card, or even on a sticky note is a great way to show your gratitude. You can go out on a limb and write a poem; be fun and creative! This is an easy, but great way to slip a smile into someone’s day.
  2. Send them a bag filled with their favorite goodies. You can include a few of their favorite things and leave it on their desk at work, or you could get it hand delivered – either way they are sure to be surprised! Everyone loves to be treated, so this is a safe bet for saying thank you.
  3. Using social media to create a thank you post is another way to say thank you. Sometimes you just want the whole world to know how special someone is to you, and what better way than a social media post? You can also personalize your message by tagging them and adding smiley faces.

There are plenty of other ways to say thank you, take the time to think of some yourself. Don’t underestimate the little things, they really do make a world of a difference.

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